One of the best Steakhouse in Aarhus

A unique experience awaits you at the best steakhouse in Aarhus.

Step into a world of mouth-watering food and Instagram worthy ambiance. Welcome to Le Pagnol

3-course menu

An entrée, a main course and a dessert, with some wine– enjoy a spectacular 3 course meal. We have delicacies like smoked salmon and veal ribeye for your indulgence. 

Choose your favourite wine– red or white– from our extensive list to enjoy with the meal. 

Meat is our specialty

Juicy steaks, grilled fish and smoked venison are popular crowd favourites at Le Pagnol, Aarhus. We serve a variety of meat, such as Red Deer Filet and carpaccio of smoked duck besides classics such as rooster breast and lobster soup. Explore our menu.

We have an amazing selection of wines for you to choose from. Wash down your steak with the perfect red or white wine from our cellar. 

Best steakhouse in Aarhus

Experience the awesome for yourself. Le Pagnol is the best steakhouse in Aarhus. It is the perfect hangout spot for gourmet meat lovers who don’t want to burn their wallets while dining out. 

Book a table and see for yourself. 

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