Dinner Date – A table for two

Dinner table for two at Restaurant Le Pagnol, Aarhus, Denmark.

Are you looking for a table for two, first date or celebrating a special occasion? Here’s a plan for you. A multi-cuisine restaurant located at the iconic place and heart of Aarhus sounds like a good idea. Book a table at Restaurant Le Pagnol.

Beginning with interiors that boast of a mood-lit atmosphere, Le Pagnol’s lighting surrounding and environment are a few of the core reasons due to which we are rated as one of the desirable and best restaurants in Aarhus. The embellishment, lights, and soulful environment give a comfort-ridden, deluxe experience to our clients. In simple words, we promise an awesome experience. Le Pagnol guarantees nothing but a good time with your loved ones.

The best dining experience in Aarhus

Le Pagnol offers luxurious food and wine that is suitable for any and every occasion. The special range of Wine and cuisine is available to satisfy the thirst of our patrons. Our skilful chefs create exquisite dishes that paired with our stylish interiors, delicious beverages and amazing environment escalate the picturesque experience of our guests.

At Le Pagnol, it’s all about the aromatic, luscious, appetizing flavours worth biting into. We offer a wide array of options in wines, main course, dessert, which makes us the best restaurant in Aarhus.

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Book a table for two at Restaurant Le Pagnol

Dinner is undoubtedly one of the most effortless ways to rejoice a night with your loved one. At Le Pagnol, you can enjoy some exciting dishes, wine, and a serene atmosphere. Whether it is a dinner for two, special family lunch with your close ones, or any rendezvous you wish, the atmosphere is perfect to enjoy in any company. It’s a flexible atmosphere that can be suitable for every nature of the meeting.

Come and relish a vibe that is classic with a twist and some dishes that are flavourful to the core – a festive fusion of flavours that makes us the best restaurant in Aarhus.

Surprise your partner with a night of luxury food and a romantic atmosphere. Book a table for two now.

Enjoy a romantic dinner date at Restaurant Le Pagnol

There’s no dearth of date ideas out there today, but nothing beats the classic romantic dinner. Especially after COVID-19, you could use some quality time with your partner, perhaps in a cozy restaurant.

Plan your next romantic dinner date at Restaurant Le Pagnol

A special dinner date always brings two lovers closer and relights the romance.

Whether you are planning to celebrate a special occasion, such as your anniversary, or treat your partner, you should be clear that delicious food is the priority of a memorable date.

Mood lit surroundings, glittering atmosphere and warm auras make dine in more romantic. We pride ourselves on being one of the best dinner date Restaurants in Aarhus.

Our perfect atmosphere coupled with captivating cuisines makes your romantic dinner unforgettable. The rustic vibe and exceptional meals elevate the couple that is enjoying each other’s company basking in the warm glow of love on an enjoyable night.

From entrée, to the main course and dessert, you can be assured to fall into a world of flavour and tease your taste buds.

Our special collection of wine is curated to please the appetite of the dating couple.

A perfect date needs a perfect picture. The Le Pagnol interior is the picture-perfect place to capture wonderful moments from your date and show off on the gram.

We maintain the highest standards of hygiene for the safety of our guests.

Romantic dinner at home? Order takeaway

While the mood lighting at Restaurant Le Pagnol is perfect for a romantic dinner date and will leave your partner and you in an amorous fervor, we understand there may be nights when you want to stay in.

A romantic dinner with your favourite PJs on is also a good way to enjoy an elegant night with your loved one. However, do you really want to spend your evening cooking up an elaborate dinner? Just order takeaway from Restaurant Le Pagnol and look forward to a cozy, lovely dinner with your partner.

Romantic dinner at Restaurant Le Pagnol, Aarhus

You can have a simple, cozy, and relaxing date night at a renowned restaurant in Aarhus and make it count.

Whether you want to express your feelings to your partner or keep the spark alive, do it with a scrumptious and delightful meal at Restaurant Le Pagnol.

Book a table for your perfect date night now.

A typical dining experience at Restaurant Le Pagnol

If you’re planning a cozy, relaxed and delicious dinner with your loved ones or colleagues, Restaurant Le Pagnol welcomes you. Your gastronomic journey begins with a reservation at the best steakhouse in Aarhus.

You may choose from our a la carte menu or carefully curated standard course of dinner.


Choose a vintage red or white wine from our cellar to complement your dinner. Our extensive list of white wine is rich with Sauvignon Blanc, gorgeous Rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and more. Our prized collection of red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, South American Malbec, Bourgogne Pinot Noir, and our personal recommendation for you– Zinfandel.


A delicious beginning of your meal, enjoy a starter of your choice. Whether your preference is Carpaccio of smoked venison with roasted almonds and truffle mayo or some classic smoked salmon served with avocado cream, you can just dig in. If you’d like something simpler such as soup or salad, we have an entrée to suit your taste.

Main course

Being the best steakhouse in Aarhus, Denmark, you can expect to be blown away by the juicy meat we present to you. Beef tenderloin, lamb culotte, and veal ribeye are popular favourites.

Our vegetarian friends may follow the chef’s imagination. We only hope to receive positive feedback on your meal.


Given the satisfying dinner you would enjoy, a simple, yet assorted platter seems fit for dessert. Crème brulee, decadent chocolate cake, ice cream, fresh fruits, or cheese and nuts– elegant dessert to conclude your journey of flavours.

Book your table at Restaurant Le Pagnol.

Best restaurant in Aarhus: Steakhouse near you

Calling out to all foodies and culinary aficionados! You can now enjoy a gastronomic 3-course dinner from the best restaurant in Aarhus: Restaurant Le Pagnol. What’s more! You can choose to dine in our rustic, cozy setting or in the comfort of your own home with a takeaway.

Tender, juicy steak in Denmark

Drool over excellent steaks and other cooked-to-perfection meat dishes in Denmark. Tantalize your taste buds with the hearty steaks that Restaurant Le Pagnol is famous for. Come and taste it for yourself! 

Takeaway now available

Grab your delicious meal and enjoy it at home. Just drop by and place an order for all the dishes – entrée, dessert as well as the main course– you want from the a la carte menu. 

Our chefs will prepare it for you immediately. If you wish to dine in, you may finish your meal at leisure before collecting your takeaway food. 

We strive to serve you fresh food that is at optimum temperature when you reach home. However, if you need to, you may reheat certain dishes in the microwave at the desired temperature. 

Best steak restaurant near you: Le Pagnol, Aarhus

We certainly pride ourselves on the Instagram-worthy presentation of our food, while also delivering the right flavours. The restaurant ambiance along with the delectable dining experience is a memorable combination. 

Book your table now!

Takeaway restaurant near you, in Aarhus

Do you want to enjoy some gourmet dinner in the comfort of your home? Restaurant Le Pagnol is now offering takeaway options!

How to order takeaway from Restaurant Le Pagnol?

It’s a simple process. Just visit the restaurant or book a table to enjoy your dinner as usual. Place an order for the dishes you want from the a la carte menu.

Our chefs will prepare it for you and pack the dishes in hygienic and clean containers. If you wish to dine in, you may finish your meal comfortably before collecting your takeaway food.

We try our best to let you enjoy the fresh food at optimum temperature when you reach home. However, if you need to, you may reheat certain dishes in the microwave at the desired temperature.

Takeaway food near you: Restaurant Le Pagnol, Aarhus

While we pride ourselves on the Instagram-worthy presentation of our food, we surely deliver the right flavours to your home.

Order your favourite takeout now!

One of the best Steakhouse in Aarhus

A unique experience awaits you at the best steakhouse in Aarhus.

Step into a world of mouth-watering food and Instagram worthy ambiance. Welcome to Le Pagnol

3-course menu

An entrée, a main course and a dessert, with some wine– enjoy a spectacular 3 course meal. We have delicacies like smoked salmon and veal ribeye for your indulgence. 

Choose your favourite wine– red or white– from our extensive list to enjoy with the meal. 

Meat is our specialty

Juicy steaks, grilled fish and smoked venison are popular crowd favourites at Le Pagnol, Aarhus. We serve a variety of meat, such as Red Deer Filet and carpaccio of smoked duck besides classics such as rooster breast and lobster soup. Explore our menu.

We have an amazing selection of wines for you to choose from. Wash down your steak with the perfect red or white wine from our cellar. 

Best steakhouse in Aarhus

Experience the awesome for yourself. Le Pagnol is the best steakhouse in Aarhus. It is the perfect hangout spot for gourmet meat lovers who don’t want to burn their wallets while dining out. 

Book a table and see for yourself. 

Welcome to Restaurant Le Pagnol!

We have been serving you since 2011, with the best French and Italian food you’ve had in a while. If you have yet to visit us, here are some reasons why you should make a reservation soon.

Why choose Restaurant Le Pagnol?

Dinner: Le Pagnol is a popular name when it comes to dining out. With a menu of fine French and Italian cuisine, we serve absolute delight to our guests. Specialties on our menu include Beef tenderloin served medium with pepper sauce and puree, Lamb culotte with espagnole sauce and puree, Fried salmon served with mussel hollandaise sauce and puree, and more. Enjoy it with your choice of entrée and dessert.

Wine list: We have a long list of both red and white wines for you to choose from and wash down your meal with. Our collection of red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, South American Malbec, Bourgogne Pinot Noir, and our personal recommendation Zinfandel. Our list of white wine is equally rich, with sparkling champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, gorgeous Rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and more.

Cozy ambiance: Besides the delicious food, Le Pagnol is also famous for the fairytale rustic ambiance. You’ll surely get some classic clicks for your Instagram here!

Awesome dessert: The final platter of pleasure, we have some classic desserts for you to enjoy. Finish off the meal with some chocolate cake, crème brulee or even a selection of cheese, fruit and nuts.

Visit Restaurant Le Pagnol with family, friends or colleagues

Le Pagnol welcomes groups whole heartedly. It’s your best option to spend some quality time with close ones, and even make a fine impression among your business associates and colleagues.

Popular among tourists

New in town? Visit Restaurant Le Pagnol to enjoy some fine French and Italian dishes without burning your pocket.

Coffee and casual dinners

Book a table and call it a date. Enjoy a cup of coffee with friends or just treat that special someone with a casual dinner.

We’re waiting to host you.

French gourmet, Aarhus: Le Pagnol

Delicious food is not just a necessity, but an experience – an adventure of flavors, a riot of aromas, and a complete assault of the senses.

Manifesting the romance of France in a fairytale-like setting, Le Pagnol attempts to achieve the same. As you step into the cozy, intimate dining space, we know you’ll be waiting for a rustic, albeit charming lunch or dinner. That’s what we promise and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

A 3-course meal is being freshly prepared as you enjoy the ambiance, the wine and of course, the company. Finally, your patience is rewarded with Instagram worthy dishes and memorable flavors.
With organically sourced ingredients and our constant effort to minimize waste, we hope to provide an overall excellent service to everyone who visits Restaurant Le Pagnol. It has always been like this since 2011.

Cuisines we serve

We chiefly specialize in French and Italian cuisines, sometimes adding our own zing to the dish. With a party of mellow, warm flavours, our prime focus is on the experience. Come and see for yourself.