Welcome to Restaurant Le Pagnol!

We have been serving you since 2011, with the best French and Italian food you’ve had in a while. If you have yet to visit us, here are some reasons why you should make a reservation soon.

Why choose Restaurant Le Pagnol?

Dinner: Le Pagnol is a popular name when it comes to dining out. With a menu of fine French and Italian cuisine, we serve absolute delight to our guests. Specialties on our menu include Beef tenderloin served medium with pepper sauce and puree, Lamb culotte with espagnole sauce and puree, Fried salmon served with mussel hollandaise sauce and puree, and more. Enjoy it with your choice of entrée and dessert.

Wine list: We have a long list of both red and white wines for you to choose from and wash down your meal with. Our collection of red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, South American Malbec, Bourgogne Pinot Noir, and our personal recommendation Zinfandel. Our list of white wine is equally rich, with sparkling champagne, Sauvignon Blanc, gorgeous Rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and more.

Cozy ambiance: Besides the delicious food, Le Pagnol is also famous for the fairytale rustic ambiance. You’ll surely get some classic clicks for your Instagram here!

Awesome dessert: The final platter of pleasure, we have some classic desserts for you to enjoy. Finish off the meal with some chocolate cake, crème brulee or even a selection of cheese, fruit and nuts.

Visit Restaurant Le Pagnol with family, friends or colleagues

Le Pagnol welcomes groups whole heartedly. It’s your best option to spend some quality time with close ones, and even make a fine impression among your business associates and colleagues.

Popular among tourists

New in town? Visit Restaurant Le Pagnol to enjoy some fine French and Italian dishes without burning your pocket.

Coffee and casual dinners

Book a table and call it a date. Enjoy a cup of coffee with friends or just treat that special someone with a casual dinner.

We’re waiting to host you.

French gourmet, Aarhus: Le Pagnol

Delicious food is not just a necessity, but an experience – an adventure of flavors, a riot of aromas, and a complete assault of the senses.

Manifesting the romance of France in a fairytale-like setting, Le Pagnol attempts to achieve the same. As you step into the cozy, intimate dining space, we know you’ll be waiting for a rustic, albeit charming lunch or dinner. That’s what we promise and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

A 3-course meal is being freshly prepared as you enjoy the ambiance, the wine and of course, the company. Finally, your patience is rewarded with Instagram worthy dishes and memorable flavors.
With organically sourced ingredients and our constant effort to minimize waste, we hope to provide an overall excellent service to everyone who visits Restaurant Le Pagnol. It has always been like this since 2011.

Cuisines we serve

We chiefly specialize in French and Italian cuisines, sometimes adding our own zing to the dish. With a party of mellow, warm flavours, our prime focus is on the experience. Come and see for yourself.